Stuart Diamond – “Getting More” youtube presentation at Google


word/plei/ is not generally a huge fan of so-called motivational presentations or books, but we were given this link by a contact who is fairly high up the chain at a Swiss ISP. The presentation is on the topic of negotiation and dealing with people on an emotional level. Initially, we thought that it might turn into a “how to win at all costs, regardless of what it costs the other person” type of lesson, but we were pleasantly surprised!







The presentation is nearly an hour long and, although we have seen better presenters, we thought that it was definitely worth the time to take a look.

Stuart Diamon has a pretty impressive CV and word/plei/ likes the central messages in his presentation, although as with most of these things, there will always be ideas or views included which are less relevant or palatable.

If you find the time to look at the presentation, let us know your thoughts. Do you use this type of thing for management development?

You’ll see in the video, that Stuart has a book out on the topic – a book which word/plei/ has, in a pile, waiting to be read…and reviewed. The reviews on Amazon might also get you interested in the topic, if you don’t have time for the video.

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